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Unlike your bedsheets and pillowcases, which should be washed every week or two, your comforter doesn’t require frequent cleanings. Cleaning your comforter every quarter, 或者一年四次, should be enough to prevent dirt and skin cells from building up. Not only does a clean comforter feel and smell great, but regular cleaning also prolongs the life of the fibers and fabric.

The Best Way to Clean a Comforter

之前 you start cleaning, figure out if your comforter is stuffed with feathers or synthetic material. Once you’ve determined that, look for a tag to guide your cleaning practices and detergents. 自 下来的羽毛 are delicate, it’s best to use a down-safe detergent. 为 合成填充, use your favorite laundry detergent.

If you don’t have a front-loading washing machine, or if you have a small washer, a laundromat will save you a lot of time. It may even prevent damage to your washer and dryer. Not only will you get a better clean (thanks to a larger capacity), but you’ll also be able to dry your comforter more quickly in a large, 商用干燥机.

How to Wash a Down or Synthetic Comforter

  1. 揭开被套.
  2. Load the comforter into the largest front-loading washing machine you can find.
  3. Use only a small amount of detergent. Any excess will leave a residue on the filling or feathers.
  4. Wash the comforter on the delicate or gentle cycle. Be sure to select an extra rinse.
  5. Once the wash and extra rinse cycle are complete, load the wet comforter into the largest dryer you can find. Be careful – a wet comforter is heavy! If you notice it’s still sopping wet, throw it back in the washer for another spin cycle. Removing as much water as possible will significantly reduce dryer time.
  6. Dry the comforter, along with four to five tennis balls, on a low heat setting. This may take a few hours. Even if the comforter seems dry, it’s imperative that the feathers or filling also completely dry to prevent mold. It’s always safer to over-dry than to under-dry. We also recommend removing the comforter every 30 minutes to redistribute the feathers and break up any clumps.

How to Keep Your Comforter Clean

Keep your comforter clean by washing the duvet cover every time you change your sheets. If you don’t have a duvet cover, this is a wise purchase to keep your comforter clean between quarterly cleanings. Otherwise, opt for more frequent cleaning.

Living Comfortably in a Clean House

Now that your comforter is clean, why not give your枕头 同样重视? 去yaboAPP的 卧室清洁页面 to learn more ways to give your bedroom a deep clean. Although 莫莉女仆 won’t clean your comforter, we will change your linens if you provide fresh sheets. 询问yaboAPP custom house cleaning plans.

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