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Step-by-Step Guide to a Clean House

When you hire 莫莉女仆, you’re hiring a professional. One of the marks of 莫莉女仆's professional 清洁ing service is that we 清洁 your home with a game plan in mind. A strategy that takes on 清洁ing in a systematic, organized way (while having the flexibility to incorporate your custom wishes).


Download our printable house 清洁ing checklist.

Surprised we’d share our secrets? We love to 清洁 and love to train. And, we know our customers love our service. 此外,分享是好的. Use our house 清洁ing checklist to 清洁 your home efficiently and thoroughly:

  1. 之前 you start going room to room, pause first to put on some great, lively music. 这是更好的. Now pick up clutter, and as you go, feel free to second-guess your belongings. 你拥有的就越少, 你要放的就越少, 清洁, 和灰尘:仔细阅读书籍, 杂志, 报纸, dvd, 家具, 孩子们已经不需要玩具了, 旧电脑已经过时了, old clothes and shoes in the closets…is it time to donate and recycle? Turn off light bulbs and ceiling 球迷 as you go for the upcoming dusting work.
  2. Speaking of closets, if you have any that you’re afraid to open, face your fears it’s time to 最小化和组织.
  3. 灰尘 (go left to right, top to bottom) with microfiber cloths. This will lower allergens and improve the air quality in your house. Dampened cloths tied to the ends of mops and brooms work great for removing cobwebs. 对板条百叶窗, use the string to close them one way and dust, then close them the other way and repeat…it’s effective and a lot more efficient than trying to do one slat at a time. Don’t forget to hit the tops of doors, 球迷, 灯具, 相框,是的, each of your knick-knacks (keep them in display cases to reduce dusting work). 为相框照片的脸, 电视屏幕, 和电脑显示器, use glass 清洁er on your cotton cloth or microfiber to avoid streaking.
  4. 真空. Make sure your bag/compartment isn’t already full, and use the right settings and attachments. Hit the floors in the whole house, and upholstered 家具. Be amazed at all those missing items (socks, your favorite pen) that you find under your couch cushions.
  5. Sweep/mop/treat floors (except kitchen). For mopping, start at the farthest corner of the room and move back toward the entrance. Rinse mop after completing each 4 x 4 foot area.
  6. 家具淡化. Every now and then, some wooden 家具 needs a good waxing.



  • Remove rugs/wastebaskets (if you haven’t already when vacuuming earlier).
  • Remove everything from tub/shower.
  • 在浴缸/淋浴间放置浴垫.
  • Wet tub/shower walls with warm water.
  • Apply tile and grout 清洁er, allow to sit.
  • Spray/清洁 everything with all-purpose 清洁er except toilet, vanity, shower/tub, mirror.
  • Fill bucket with ¼ cup all-purpose 清洁er and water to prep for floor 清洁ing.
  • Stand on bath mat and scrub tub/shower walls and door (use grout brush in-between tiles as needed).
  • Apply tile and grout 清洁er to tub/shower floor and scrub.
  • 清洁淋浴架/肥皂碟.
  • 清洁淋浴跟踪.
  • Rinse off walls of tub/shower and dry with cloth.
  • Vanity: spray tile and grout 清洁er in sink, soap dish.
  • Spray countertop with all-purpose 清洁er.
  • 擦洗水槽.
  • Use grout brush along faucet and drain.
  • 冲洗水槽和抹布.
  • 擦拭梳妆台台面.
  • 擦拭橱柜正面.
  • Clean mirror: spray glass 清洁er on soft cloth and buff.
  • 发光的水龙头.
  • Wash the floor with solution in the bucket and allow to dry.
  • Replace rugs, bath mat and wastebaskets.
  • 更多浴室清洁小贴士.


If you've already removed clutter, 灰尘, and vacuumed the house and tidied your closets, your bedrooms will be basically done. 最后,简单地说:

  • Return any 家具 (chairs, diaper bins, etc.) that you put up to vacuum earlier.
  • 铺床.
  • 伸直.
  • Special projects: Organize your sock drawer? Fold laundry and put in dresser? 在枕头上放一颗薄荷糖?
  • 更多卧室清洁小贴士.


  • Use a streak-free glass 清洁er (don’t spray on too much) and wipe with 报纸.
  • Clean large and hard-to-reach windows with a professional-quality squeegee.
  • Clean window screens by removing from frame and scrubbing with all-purpose 清洁er mixed with warm water. Scrub each screen with a bristle brush, rinse with outdoor hose and insert back into window to dry.
  • 更多窗户清洁技巧.
  • yaboAPP的姊妹公司, 窗口精灵链接将在新选项卡中打开, for a professional window 清洁ing, inside and out!

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